Some Fun Latest Gadgets For You To Try

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August 23, 2017

Some Fun Latest Gadgets For You To Try


Seemingly everybody loves a gadget! And with new ones release all the time, it can be tricky to stay ahead of the game; here are a few of the latest gadgets to help you stay a step in front of your friends.

Getting up in the morning is rarely full of fun, and can be somewhat of a chore. So, why not help yourself out just a little bit with the Shake and Wake Alarm Clock?

It is also bed partner friendly, unlike most alarm clocks that tend to wake up all within earshot. Simply strap the clock cum watch onto your wrist, or place it under your pillow, and you will be gently woken with a soft vibration.

There is an alarm if you are heavy sleeper, or just want to wake everyone else too, whilst the LED screen is big enough so you won’t have to squint at the time when needed.

Torches rarely make exciting discussion, but with the Striker LED Mine Torch this could be set to change. This little beauty allows you to direct a beam of light in exactly the right place for all those tricky DIY tasks.

Looking something like a nuclear device, it is studded with 12 magnets allowing you to attach to metal surfaces and, being smaller than a golf ball, it can slot in pretty much anywhere too.

Finally, one of the best latest gadgets on the market in the run up to the holiday season is likely to sell out in double quick time.

Photos have been carried around with keys for a long while now, but with the Tao Digital Photo Keychain you no longer have to carry just the one image with you.

Ultra slim, the USB-friendly gizmo has a 1. 5″ LCD screen to display up to 100 of your favorite pictures. With a slide show facility too, it really is one of the best latest gadgets for your loved ones this Christmas… And you can preload it with pictures of yourself from your PC of course!

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