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June 12, 2017
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Hot Hi Tech Gadgets For 2009


The world we live in is very fast paced and cutting technology and hi tech gadgets are things we all enjoy. We all look forward to the latest electronics and other hi tech toys that come out such as the Wii, Blackberry or iPhone. Besides the new computers, cell phones, and other usual electronics there are also golf gadgets, cookware and all sorts of hi tech gadgetry for just about every interest imaginable.

2009 has been a very intriguing year in the world of hi tech, including many technological breakthroughs, lower prices and alternatives on some of the most popular hi tech gadgets, and lots of surprises overall. Every day new inventions are created which are inspired from hi tech gadgets from the past. New companies are also entering the market to challenge some of the large hi tech corporations like Apple.

At the Consumer Electronics Show in January, some of the hottest 2009 hi tech gadgets were on display. This show unveiled a dazzling array of the latest hi tech gadgets, from practical new advances in technology, to the most wacky, fun and creative gadgetry you could imagine. This show had something to please just about anyone.

A new gadget which was quite innovative and unusual was Promotion and Display Technology’s 3-D web cam. The web cam has two lenses and looks kind of like a space alien. It is mounted to a computer and can send images in 3-D.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad W700ds notebook was unveiled at the show. This innovative notebook computer features two screens, and the extra screen adjusts kind of like a review mirror of a car would. The second screen is used when working on some applications or pictures that would otherwise take up the entire screen on the main notebook screen.

Another new Lenovo high tech gadget is their all-in-one, integrate desktop computer that has a remote control for playing games. The remote functions much like Nintendo Wii controllers. Gamers can use the remote to simulate a moving object like swinging a virtual tennis racket.

MSI, a Taipei company, had their new X-Slim Series X320 notebook on display that is only .77 inches thick. This measurement is quite close to Apple’s Macbook Air. The difference is that the MSI notebook is much less expensive at $ 700 to $ 1000 with the Air costing at least $ 1,799.

There’s our recap of some new 2009 hi tech gadgets that were on display at the Consumer Electronics show. This year has seen some very exciting developments in hi technology. New innovation and cost cutting measures has made the 2009 hi tech gadgets very exciting to keep an eye on.

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